Best Phone Charging Backpack In 2017 Review

-In this review you will be reading about the Best Charging Backpack 2017 Bags, most of which have built in battery chargers

Best for Outdoor Sports Activities Lifepack: Lifepack Solar Powered and Anti-Theft Backpack

Here’s a good option for a power backpack with built in battery. This backpack features a 3-in-1 solar bank, power bank, and high-end Bluetooth speakers.

3-in-1 solar, power bank, and high quality Bluetooth speakers

This helps to provide an excellent experience for people looking for a solar-powered backpack. The solar bank has a big capacity and can store up to 6 charges for smartphones.

It boosts 1 extra charge for each 4 hours of sun the backpack is in.

The battery provides 96 hrs. of playback so you can enjoy up to 4 full days of music.

The unit also includes high-end Bluetooth speakers. This is a great feature if you want to enjoy wireless connectivity while you’re traveling.

You can listen to your favorite tunes whether it’s rock, pop, r&b, country, or classical. This unit provides loud, clear, and full audio from the Bluetooth speakers.

Another key feature of the unit is the integrated lock that includes a 3-number combo lock w/ cable.

This allows you to lock all of the bag’s compartments to stop unauthorized access. The lock is long enough so you can prevent theft by simply attaching it to a secure object.


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Best for Hiking & Camping: ECEEN Camping Backpacklatest solar powered charging pouch

If you’re looking for a charging backpack you should consider this ECEEN unit.

It includes a 7-watt lightweight/removal Solar Panel to charge your smartphone, tablet or other 4V device.

This lets you used your mobile device while doing outdoor activities.

The charging backpack has many features.

They include a high-efficiency solar panel that’s been approved by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

It uses Sunpower solar cells and has a top transfer rate of 22%.

*This ECEEN backpack also features strong/durable nylon material.*

It’s lighting and flexible and made from water-resistant fabric.

This helps provide the best experience possible when you’re doing outdoor activities.

It’s important for the backpack to be as durable as possible to improve the overall experience of solar charging.

The backpack also provides easy sorting of gear due to various storage compartments. That includes items like laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Durable Charging Bag

The unit also includes an effective ventilation system as well as ventilation holes so you’ll have the most comfortable experience possible.

The solar backpack also includes an 18 month warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. So the unit is totally risk-free.

ECEEN focus on designing and making products that are eye-catching, modern, and practical.


In the developing backpacks category, ECEEN was one of the first in the solar-powered bags section.

The company patented its technology in 2010. The company now distributes its products globally.

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Best for Hiking & Camping Sosoon: Sosoon Business Laptop Bag Travel Sports Backpack

best back to school charger bagThis is a great option if you’re looking for a laptop backpack for hiking and camping. It includes a USB interface located on the side of the backpack.

This makes it easy to charge devices like smartphones while you won’t have to open the backpack

..It’s a very durable unit. It’s anti-scratch and tear-resistant with customized metal zipper pulls. The backpack is made of double-pile to provide more durability.

The laptop backpack also includes a high capacity of space. The unit includes a large laptop compartment and padded sleeve. There’s also pockets for items like:

  • iPad
  • wallet
  • keys
  • clothes
  • books
  • water bottle

This feature makes it one of the best options if you’re searching for a portable battery backpack.

The Sosoon laptop backpack also includes an anti-theft design. That includes invisible pockets and hidden zipper so your laptop and other items safer.

Another key feature of the unit is it includes a relaxed design. There’s 3 shoulder straps that are fully adjustable. They include shock-proof massage layer as well as mesh padding.

This helps to provide enough comfort for the wearer’s back. The weight balance structure helps the wearer feel up to one-quarter less weight.

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Best for City CommuteTrakkShell: TRAKK Shell Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker & Power Charging Backpack

what are the best bookbags back to school charged

This backpack includes several features starting with the price. The retail price range is in the under-$150 category which is quite amazing considering the many features it includes.

It’s a powerful smart backpack. The unit includes 200W output subwoofer to provide high-end tech for the backpack. This is important when selecting a backpack with charging port.

This is a LED backpack that has a power bank to charge devices like notebooks, tablets, and smartphones that include a USB.

The power bank gets its power from a 200 mAh battery and has enough juice to charge a phone 2x.

Meanwhile, the backpack can also provide 12 hrs. of audio on a single charge.

The unit is also quite durable. Audio can be heard in events like wind and storms. The Trakk backpack has a durable construction and is waterproof.

The unit includes a hard-shell material to protect all the gadgets and other items in the backpack. That will help to boost the backpack’s lifespan.

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Best for Cross-country Traveling TYLT: TYLT Powerbag Travel Battery Charging Backpack

Here’s a great volt charging backpack if you want to do cross-country traveling with the backpack.

 USB-C Charger for Macbooks Phones and TabletsIt’s a versatile unit that includes a desktop design.

This unit is a great one for charging laptops, tablets, and phones. In fact, it charges 3 devices at one time using a high-powered 10,400 mAh battery.

In fact, the backpack is a great option not only for travel but also for school and business…

The unit includes several components including deep zipper pockets. There’s cord routing anchors in order to organize your cables.

When you want to travel the unit also protects your tablet/smartphone with the padded compartment.

This backpack can also function as a messenger bag. It includes padded shoulder straps that are great for airplanes and airports.

The rolling bag feature and pocket/metal zippers provides more value with this bag.

If you’re looking for security a key feature is the anti-theft fraud protection.

This is a key issue to make sure the backpack is protected as much as possible.

The backpack also includes USB compatibility. This provides easy recharging of smartphones and other devices. 

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Best for Work-to-Play: Solo Velocity Laptop Hybrid BackpRemovable/adjustable shoulder strapack Briefcase

This power unit backpack with a built in charger turns into a briefcase.

It features a laptop compartment, adjustable shoulder strap and 5-year warranty.

A must-have for those who want one bag for the job and off time.

Get a backpack with charger built in from the reviewd items above.


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